Week 6

Posted by firda nugraha
http://www.ictgames.com/hickory4.html Click on the blue hyperlink to find a fun game. Click on the correct clock to leave the mouse a piece of cheese.

http://www.learningbox.com/Base10/BaseTen.html Click on this blue hyperlink to find a MAB game. Click on the small 100 button to make the game more tricky.

Back in ones.http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/spookyseq/spookycb1.html Click on these blue hyperlinks to revise patterns skip counting.

In 3s 
In 5s
In 10s
Back in 10s
Back in 5s
Back in 2s

http://www.ictgames.com/funkymum.html    A fun addition game:


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