Posted by firda nugraha
The 2011 Awesome Explorers have all moved up to year 3 and are split between 5 different classes. My new group of 23 students have already been at school for 2 full weeks.

All teachers in Queensland schools now follow the quality C2C curriculum which carefully lays out exactly what teachers will be teaching every lesson in English, Maths and Science. The focus of this blog will therefore shift from from sharing what is happening inside the classroom to that of a being a resource for parents to access elearning links.

Staff and students may no longer access web2 tools at school that collect information outside of Australia. Sites such as Glogster, Twitter, Dropbox, Diigo, Evernote etc are blocked. These measures have been taken to ensure maximum cyber safety for our students. To my knowledge, all classroom blogs in Queensland, using external platforms, now function as a message board for parents and as a collection of resources.

Class teachers and students have the opportunity to blog within Education Queensland's fabulous Learning Place but cannot for obvious reasons make global connections.

I, yet again, have a delightful class and am excited by all the opportunities that 2012 offers. I wish all my regular readers and new readers a wonderful 2012.

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